"The Purpose and Vision of God"

Jim Durkin preached to crowds of thousands and taught for many years with great passion regarding the fullness of revelation for the church on several key issues. There were tapes and books and newspaper articles that laid it out in detail. Young wanderers and sojourners from the hippie communes and college campuses were now hearing about the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE. They were not only being taught, they were being EQUIPPED. It was all there in black and white, in God's Word, but never had it become so dramatically clear and dynamic: You and I must line up our purpose with GOD'S PURPOSE and to see truth the way GOD envisions truth. To do HIS will! To submit to HIS way! To live and walk with Him in His victorious God-ordained plan!

Many powerful teachings were expounded on, throughout cities and congregations coast to coast, and out under night skies and jam-packed living-rooms and auditoriums. THE BOLD CONFESSION .... TRAINING YOUR SOUL ... and the profound insights into the full implementation of what EPHESIANS 4:11,12 are all about. This message speaks about DISCIPLESHIP -- Not the authoritarian, elitist, cultist dogmas of the 60s, but the glorious end-time manifestation of living as victorious and totally devoted, effective men and women of faith in service to the Lord ... as active Christians, evangelists, and missionaries. A family and a church with an agenda. A holy purpose.. . "The PURPOSE and VISION of GOD" ! These teachings were so refreshing, so liberating, and so beloved that they can never fade from the hearts of a whole generation. Surely they are still being taught locally and also far away from where they were birthed at the Lighthouse Ranch and Deliverance Temple in Eureka, CA. The foundational truths of Gospel Outreach move on with not only the remembrances of how a great teacher and father in the faith impacted untold thousands, but also with illumination to nations needing the Light of Jesus, and revelation, and deliverance, and needing to be EQUIPPED to minister boldly!

Such numerous, moving, poignant, memorable times spent in Ministry Houses, Ranches, Festivals, Teams to other cities or other countries, and the bonding of lifelong friends as well as marriages that took place!!! Now there are grown children of those homes that are involved in Missions. Tens of thousands have been impacted! The world is more populated and more LOST and UNREACHED than one cares to admit. Those who have surely picked up the cross of Christ and denied themselves to spend their all for the Gospel in the dark inner city or the remotest jungles are not at all a huge number. Listen now again to the call - the cry - and recommit to carry the torch on into the next generation!

People throughout the land are wanting - and NEEDING - to again HEAR THIS CALL, THIS MESSAGE -- which helped to draw, direct and drive them on into 30-35-40 years of Christian LIFE or dedication to full-time Gospel ministry. Several fervent Evangelists and Pastors are where they are today because of that moment when THEY knew they must GO INTO ALL THE WORLD! They are STILL in full-time Ministry because of the influence of these messages!

I know that all of us are loved of God, and that He is not calling us to religious works and duties, and in fact reprimands Martha for being so busy instead of spending needed time at the Lord's feet. Yet, behold the condition of the traditional, lethargic, denominational church-in-the-box which hasn't been at the prayer-altar - has no power - wears no armor - is not surrendering all to His will and His Lordship - Budget spent on comforts and fancies - Evangelism and Missions seem extinct!! I'd like to challenge you today: Sure, you and I are just dirt. We can do nothing except by His strength. The Missionary could not go if there were not those who stayed and sent what is needed. Other than these considerations, however, WHO will set the trumpet to your mouth? Who will carry His sword and be dedicated to reach the lost tribes? Thank God for messages and messengers that raise high this torch!

Hear the fervent spiritual challenges that set a generation ablaze! Youth who were lost in delusion, drugs and rebellion became devoted Christians, evangelists and missionaries across the nation and into distant countries. The messages of the early the 70s, preached by Jim Durkin and so many others, are as relevant TODAY as in those prayerful and zealous nights and days when hearts were afire for God's holy will at all costs!

Click [ Here ] to read "The Bold Confession" - by Jim Durkin, [ Here ] to read "Apostolic Foundation" - by Dave Sczepanski, and [ Here ] to access other materials from GO and Jim Durkin.

This WEB page is one part of the overall site of "Total Love In Christ Ministries". You might also wish to visit our "Institute for Spiritual Freedom" or "Through the Veil --- The Mystics Corner". This page is offered as a memorial and a dedication to the work that God accomplished through the outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon the person of Jim Durkin and those who submitted themselves to discipleship under him. Through his three-fold message of (God's) Purpose - Vision - Discipleship, lost youth were transformed into "MIGHTY Men (and women) of God"

These are the VERY SAME messages that inspired, motivated and transformed multitudes during the 1970's through the 80's. They were originally made available as cassette tapes through an arm of GO called "Radiance Ministry". Alas, both Radiance AND GO (as it was then) no longer exist. Fortunately, the messages lived on as tape and now as .MP3.

We are now making them available to "ALL of those who have ears and wish to hear" !! Our prayer is, "May the Wind of God's Holy Spirit once more sweep through the land as it did in the years of the Jesus People, blowing away the cobwebs of blindness, indifference and self-centeredness from our eyes and hearts !!!!"

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I want to offer a SPECIAL "thank you" to Bob Bergeron of Anchorage, Alaska, who transcribed 100's of Jim's tapes into .MP3, and MOST graciously and generously made them available for this project.

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Activists For Christ
All I Know To Do
Apostles Doctrine
Becoming A Giver
Bold Confession
Building The Work of God
Changed Into His Likeness
Childraising Part 1
Childraising Part 2
Conformed To God's Vision
Count All Things Loss
Courage To Deal With Sin
Faith Pictures
Fear Of God Vs Fear Of Death
Finding Wisdom And Gaining Understanding
Five Important Qualities
Functioning Authority
Gaining Apostolic Perspective
General Overview Of A Minister's Work
God's Law Of Cause And Effect
God's Plan Of Prosperity
God's Purpose Explained
God's Secret Of Prosperity
Growth_ The Law Of Life
Here Is Your Potential
Holy Spirit Part 1
Holy Spirit Part 2
How Satan Rules
Investment In The Kingdom Of God
Jesus Was A Man
Jim Speaks About Christmas
Click [ Here ] to read a short observation on Christmas vs. "Xmas", and the current pitiful condition of the season. It draws upon a short essay by C.S. Lewis.
Learning To Hate Evil
Lending To The Lord

Looking Glass Of Your Soul
Love_ Christ in You
Missing The Mark
Power of Unity Of The Faith
Power Over The Enemy
Practicing the Truth
Proper And Improper Authority
Prosperity Of The Godly
Purpose And Vision In Action
Qualities Of Leadership
Reality Of War
Resisting The Enemy
Restoration of the Offices
Sex and the Christian Life
Sowing And Reaping
Spirit, Soul And Body
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Victory
Taking Command Of Your Soul
Talking To Your Soul
The Molding Of A Man
The Power Of Your Soul
The Sovereignty Of God
The Ultimate Satisfaction
The Word Of God
Think And Grow Rich
If you would like to hear the ORIGINAL of this message -- "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill -- click on the link and then go to the bottom of the page.
To Know Him
Training Your Soul
Unity - Proclaiming the Gospel
What Is A Disciple ?
What Is Religion ?
What Is The Christian Life ?
What Is The Purpose of God ? - 1973 Alaska Series
Withhold Not Correction From Your Child
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I have two (2) 5gb DVDs full of .MP3s of Jim's Teachings. I will be glad to forward copies to anyone who sends me 2 blank DVDs in protective cases OR a 10gb "flash or thumb drive", and a postage-paid, pre-addressed return envelope.

Many of these messages were split into multiple parts (2-4) during the conversion from cassette tape to .MP3. I have a simple ".MP3 Merge" program which I will include on the DVD to "stitch" them back into one again.

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